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    I'm a guitar player. Throughout more than 50 years of playing I have had several guitars made to my requirements. All of these have been acoustic guitars; both steel and nylon strings. Electric guitars I have always bought 'off the rack'. Sure, they are quality instruments, mostly vintage, and all of them chosen because I played and liked them for one or more reasons. But these are only more or less suited to my tastes and not specifically made for me and my sense of feel and desired tone and all the other little things that make you reach for those same one or two guitars from your stable over the other ten. A few years ago I began to think I should have an electric guitar that suits me like my custom made acoustics. 


    There are things we guitar players really like about certain guitars. My favorite neck has an ebony fretboard, a wider nut, a compound radius. I like a semi-hollow body for weight and a bit of woodiness. I like single coil pickups for attack, clarity, and range. I like a lot of sustain. Bottom line, it's unlikely you'll find all the things you like in one guitar.

    Why not?

    So, I thought, 'I'll just build one to my liking.' (cue finger snap - because I'm an unlimited fool). The first one took, I don't know, 5...6 months to build? Oh, this isn't really as easy as it looks. But by the time I was done, I was fearless. And I learned even more about what I like (and don't) in a guitar. That first guitar, MYL-01, is a nice guitar (have a look in the Gallery). But it missed the mark for me as my 'go to' every day player. I just had to build another one. Which led to another one. And another one... 


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