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    So...I created this website...and posted some pictures and technical details of guitars I've built over the last couple of years. I'm building more and always have one in the works as I continue to refine the process and the designs. My focus has been on making 'the' guitar for my own use and purpose. 

    When finished, I play and gig with each of these guitars to see if they  have met my expectations, to learn their shortcomings, and plan the adjustments to be made in the next instrument built. The most satisfying part of building them, now that the fear of actually trying to make one has passed, is that I can. I mean, if some particular aspect or feature needs to be modified or added, I can just build another one. Obviously, it's not as simple as that statement sounds but, truthfully, the hardest part is done - having the confidence to do it. Everything else is mechanical - just time and effort.  

    Of course, building a quality guitar is not an inexpensive thing to do. I don't have a woodworking shop and instead make do with some basic hand and powered tools in my garage. My dining room doubles as my clean assembly room and the guest bath is sometimes used for spraying lacquer. There's no overhead (I don't do this for a living) or large investment in equipment. My money is spent on the woods, hardware, and electronics and my time on all the handwork that having limited tools demands. I'm not trying to build the best electric guitar for the lowest cost. I won't say cost is no object but it's low on the list of considerations. The least amount spent on materials to make one of these guitars is about $900. I can justify that kind of outlay solely for my own amusement a couple of times a year and the hours spent cutting, routing, sanding and polishing keeps me off the streets. 

    I really haven't thought about making these guitars for sale or making more of them just to sell. But I continue to build them because there are still refinements to be made and design avenues to explore.  But I grudgingly recognize that at some point the number of guitars I have will get ridiculous (some might say even more ridiculous) and I will have to make some decisions or be faced with not building any more. It's safe to say that one or more of the guitars in the Gallery is going to be for sale soon. And, while I don't know if I'm ready to make a custom guitar for anyone else, I'm more than willing to talk about it. So, feel free to hit me up, even if you just want to talk guitars. I'm always up for that!!